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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Friday, January 2, 2009

Who's the Doppelganger?

My living room has been decorated in Harley Davidson memoribilia for at least 10 years. There is quite the considerable collection of said stuff, so it's not like two or three items. We're talking well over 100 different pieces adorning said room.

So what I want to know is WHO THE HELL is the woman inside my body today?????? She's CLEANING!!!! Not just cleaning, she's taken everyfuckingthing off the shelves in the living room aka Harley Room and has this insane idea to redo it......and remove most of the Harley stuff.

When anyone finds the FF Muse, could you please have return her to my body and evict this doppelganger???? This is most maddening.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ahhhh, 2008 is finally coming to a close. It's about time. It's been a rough year for all of us, well, everyone that I know anyway. Surgeries, accidents, near death experiences, more surgeries, family crisises, unemployment and everything in between. I'll be glad to see this year gone!

OHHHH, although the highlight of 2008 was the fact that my Rays, MY Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series. The team I've been watching since 1998 and have loved despite their abysmal record. Here's hoping that in 2009 they don't just make it there, they WIN it! GO RAYS!

I am looking forward to 2009 and new beginnings. May my next job be better than the one I lost in November. Then again, anything would be better than somewhere they don't believe in even cost of living raises. Enough of that, I'm all for forgetting the past and moving forward.

Perhaps in 2009 JBJ will figure out how badly his brother is tarnishing what used to be a fairly decent fan club and will do something to remedy it. And here's hoping that the MasterCard/Fan Club gig in Sayreville is awesome for those going. I hope that the good ole rock and roll will be exceptional.

Also wishing that Richie will put out some solo stuff, although it seems that the option of doing an entire solo project is yet again on hold according to his interview on MusicRadar. That's a shame, I was hoping for a solo project and a tour with just RSS!

On other fronts, may all of you have a healthy, happy, peaceful and wonderous New Year and may everything be bright and sunny for your futures.

The Muse


The generous Goddess Hathor has compiled a Directory of FF for all of us devoted to the genre.

If you have a story that's not listed, she'd be happy to add it!

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