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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ahhhh, 2008 is finally coming to a close. It's about time. It's been a rough year for all of us, well, everyone that I know anyway. Surgeries, accidents, near death experiences, more surgeries, family crisises, unemployment and everything in between. I'll be glad to see this year gone!

OHHHH, although the highlight of 2008 was the fact that my Rays, MY Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series. The team I've been watching since 1998 and have loved despite their abysmal record. Here's hoping that in 2009 they don't just make it there, they WIN it! GO RAYS!

I am looking forward to 2009 and new beginnings. May my next job be better than the one I lost in November. Then again, anything would be better than somewhere they don't believe in even cost of living raises. Enough of that, I'm all for forgetting the past and moving forward.

Perhaps in 2009 JBJ will figure out how badly his brother is tarnishing what used to be a fairly decent fan club and will do something to remedy it. And here's hoping that the MasterCard/Fan Club gig in Sayreville is awesome for those going. I hope that the good ole rock and roll will be exceptional.

Also wishing that Richie will put out some solo stuff, although it seems that the option of doing an entire solo project is yet again on hold according to his interview on MusicRadar. That's a shame, I was hoping for a solo project and a tour with just RSS!

On other fronts, may all of you have a healthy, happy, peaceful and wonderous New Year and may everything be bright and sunny for your futures.

The Muse

Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas Musings

Here we are two days after Christmas and already looking ahead to the new year and back to eating like a normal person. Why is it that this time of year my house becomes oversaturated with junk food? I love my friends and family and their loving generosity that includes more chocolate, candy, cakes and cookies that a single person can or should eat in a year. I am grateful that nobody gave me one of those dreaded fruitcakes....and no comments about me being a fruitcake, tyvm. My freezer is stuffed with goodies now, so I'm set until some time this summer.

I did rediscover my love for those soft peppermint balls and sticks...nothing like peppermint sugary candy that melts in your mouth almost instantly. Leaving you with that fresh, sweet flavor infusing your senses. YUM.

Another chapter of Amber is up and I've got a couple chapters of the new story almost ready for posting.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

There is something so very relaxing about spending a quiet Florida Christmas Eve afternoon lounging in the backyard in a tank top and shorts, reading a good erotic romance novel, drinking water and listening to Jovi on my MP3. Although, if this guy had been there the reading would have gone out the window.

My kitties got a chance to come out for a little bit and they enjoyed the brief freedom....although they need to be watched like a hawk when outside or Nemesis will take off. Bounce just wanders around, sniffing and chasing lizards. Nem is a pouncer, runner and generally lives up to her name.

So....eventually, when the mosquitos decided that I was their dinner, it was time to come in. And now I need to find my own dinner. Windows are closed, Christmas lights are on and I'm ready to settle down to a lazy evening watching old Christmas movies.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!! May everything you dream of be under your tree or waiting in your bed. He's, have a wonderful Christmas and I'm still working on that new story.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Morning After Musings

Had a GREAT time last night. Had dinner with friends, went to Olive Garden and ate FAR TOO MUCH. And I mean that SERIOUSLY. FAR. TOO. MUCH. Note to self: Do NOT do that unless you intend to make yourself sick.

Came home, changed (and actually put on makeup and jewelry!), then my friends and I sat down with drinks to enjoy Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special (I love that guy and his puppets....especially Jose Jalapeno on a Steeek), while we waited for our designated driver to arrive. If you're not familiar with him, go check him out on You'll be worth your time! He's hysterical.

From there it was time to go bar hopping. We started at Gators on the Pass....which was dead, but they let me in without paying a cover cause it was my birthday and the bartender gave me a free drink....cause it was my birthday (I like how that worked). Neat trick, all it took was the nerve to ask (of course, they wanted to see ID to prove it)!

So we drank our first round and headed for the Hurricane....which was also dead and didn't bother to stop. So it was off to the Green Iguana, which is always hopping and, you guessed it, it was dead. So from there (with a little pitstop in between) we headed downtown, figuring that of anywhere Ferg's would be hopping. It too was dead (wtf is going on in this town on a Friday night???? My friends blamed it on Christmas parties and the economy, go figure).

So went further down where all the clubs are and they were hopping....with 21 year olds!!! Where in hell were all the ADULTS last night? (yeah, yeah, I know 21 is an adult, at least legally, certainly not the way they were acting). It didn't take long after popping into a club that was wall to wall with these virtualy children (from my point of view anyway) to decide it was time to call it a night. Back around the block to the car (the block we were walking around has bars on every side) and what did we discover? There'd been a fight and suddenly cop cars and an ambulance were behind our car....we got the hell out of there before we couldn't.

Anyway, had a blast, didn't drink much, but laughed a lot, sang loudly to Lost Highway in the car.....and CC, you're getting BOB!!!! ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Okay, enough of the maudlin stuff. Today's alllllll about me. :) I love birthdays, well, celebrating them, not necessarily the actual numbers. The older I get the more celebrations and they seem to go on for a week.

Tuesday was the first, with a dinner at my neighbors. The sweet couple that they are gave me a HUGE bear wearing a t-shirt that says "Jon Bon Beari is crazy about me!" He's ADORABLE!

Last night it was my dad's turn and we went out to dinner and he gave me a check......for the exact amount as is my age. He thought it was clever and I loved it. My father is a stroke victim and has been making huge strides towards getting stronger, the one thing that has never faultered is his wicked warped sense of humor. Hmm, wonder where I got mine?

Tonight another couple is taking me to dinner and then a group of us are going drinking.....should be an experience since none of us have a clue where the hot bars are and worse, we're all lightweights when it comes to alcohol. Never fear though, we do have a Designated Driver.

This will all be followed by a Christmas party Saturday night and yet another couple wants to take me to lunch or breakfast this weekend. Sooooo, this is going to be one long party ending next Thursday if I can stretch it out. Hey, after the month I've had, I deserve it.

The goal is after the new year to find gainful employment again, but for now, I'm looking, but not that hard......except to find those guys, now where the hell can I find them????

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Weather, Sad Day

Today is one of those glorious days that remind me why I moved to the sunny south. Up north it's snowing, two of my dear friends have run off the road in the last 24 hours (both are okay)on icy conditions. It snowed in Vegas (go figure!) and down here it's going to be 80 today. Like I said glorious day weatherwise.

On other fronts, it's a sad day. My beautiful black cat, aptly named Blackie, came to us 15 years ago when our neighbors thoughtlessly moved and left their young, pregnant cat behind. She had kittens under our porch and after adopting out the kittens we kept the scrawny, ugly cat. After she put on weight she turned into a beautiful cat that was well loved and as feisty as she was spoiled. The last few years her health has been failing and last night it became painfully apparent that it was time to put her to rest. This morning I took her, laying in her bed, to the vet and they gently took care of that for me. She's now laid to rest in the cat cemetary in my back yard with Moonshadow, Lucky and Tennessee Tuxedo. Rest in Peace, baby, you will be missed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm getting there

It's been a busy few days for me. I went to Magic Kingdom yesterday with friends. I have to say that I'd seen pictures of the Cinderella Castle all lit up. My friend that works for them sent pictures of it and even though those were fabulous, they didn't prepare me for the reality of how absolutely stunning the castle is when it's lit up for Christmas. Unbelievable, the jaw-droppingly, incredibly, out of this world kind of unbelievable. If you get the chance to go see it, do so. It's not something that I ever thought I'd be stunned by. It was.

I've added a new chapter to Amber and finally Muse's Minis is a working site. It's not pretty yet, but the links are there to at least some of my 'biscuits'. Once I find the rest of them, they'll go up too. And as I said, I'm working on a new one that nobody's seen yet, so that should be here in the next week or so.

If you like what you see, leave a message, if you don't leave one anyway, so I know I'm not blogging to thin air. LOL

Later gators!

Your Muse

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yeah, guess I needed to add that, huh? I'm one of Avon Representative. It's not full time and lately it's not been making a ton of money either, what with the economy as it is and people just aren't spending. Butttttttt......anyway, since I'm an Avon rep and I actually enjoy it, why not add a link here to my website for that and if anyone needs some Avon, you can order it from there and have it delivered to your house.....for FREE if you remember to put in the promo code FSANY.

There, another shameless plug. Hey, a woman's gotta make a living somehow when her day job vanished.

Amber's Dream is updated

I've posted the next chapter of Amber's Dream today.

Currently I'm also working on a new story that I think may have some potential....heat. Before I start posting that, I'll let it percolate and find out where it's going before I tell you more.

Ahhh, sometimes living in the sunny south is quite delightful and then there are the rainy days (and Sundays) that always get you down. Today is a rainy day, although quite the productive one on the Christmas front. Everything is in the mail.....well, everything that's going in the mail that I remembered to buy for people. Next is finishing that tree that's been in the living room for the last week....or so. And putting away all the boxes of stuff that everything came from.

FOURTEEN more days......till Christmas

Just EIGHT more days till my birthday....(I know, shameless plug)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Blog Post Ever

Since this is my first post ever, I figured that I should tell you about me. I’m about to celebrate that birthday that’s the same number as Sammy Hagar can’t drive. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well then, you’re probably in the wrong part of the web. Me? I love rock n’ roll and have since I was a kid. I’ve been a music fan my whole life, have seen over 200 different bands in concert and I’m talking about the big guns, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who (with and without Keith Moon), Pat Benetar, The Jackson Five, Janet Jackson, Harry Chapin (who I met), Paul McCartney and Wings, Hank Williams, Jr. (shudder), The Eagles, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback and of course, on fifteen occasions, so far, Bon Jovi. Like I said, I love Rock n’ Roll!

Besides that, when I’m not working in the real estate industry (and currently I’m not working at all), I live with my three cats in a lovely home in sunny Florida where I’m happy to report it’s going to be 80 today. I know, I know, STFU it’s cold wherever you are. I have a greenhouse full of orchids in my back yard and a hibiscus tree blooming in the front, where I just finished planting some new sod. That should be just about enough about the mild weather to irritate my friends.

Now on to the fun stuff. Bon Jovi Fiction. I’ve been writing as I said in my profile most of my life, however, fan fiction is relatively new to me. Amber’s Dream is my longest story to date, however, I have a number of other stories battling for dominance in my brain, so there should be some fun coming soon. And all of it will be fighting the non-fan fiction that I write on a regular basis with my co-author and sister.

So enjoy, let me know what you like and don’t and we’ll see if I can make this place somewhere fun you want to visit.


The generous Goddess Hathor has compiled a Directory of FF for all of us devoted to the genre.

If you have a story that's not listed, she'd be happy to add it!

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