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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Misc. Musings

It's been a while. RL is still kicking my tail, but hey, at least I know I'm alive. Still working at the job that I'm too tired most nights to have an opinion about any more. Mentally tired that is.

Had a rash of bad luck, you know how everything supposedly happens in threes? Well.... yeah. Back on Good Friday I woke to a pain in my left side. BAD pain. Figured, holiday weekend, just call the doc and she'd call in something figuring it was a kidney or bladder infection. A bunch of tests later including a CAT scan (and not the kind my kitties do every day to me), we have no clue what it was, but fortunately anti-inflammatories have gotten it under control and now it seems to be gone. The silver lining to that is that my hands that hurt constantly because of arthritis, haven't hurt since I started taking the meds.

Sooooo, that was out of the way and Easter Sunday comes along. Went to dad's, had a nice day, a good dinner and watched Marley and Me with him and his wife. That movie's commercials are soooooo misleading. It is NOT a comedy. I expected to laugh. I did and then cried BUCKETS. I hate when that happens.

Anyway, back to my story. Got home, saw wetness coming from my garage. Now the girls (cats) are allowed in the garage sometimes and I was hoping that one of them had skipped the litter box out there..... No. Such. Luck. Deep Freezer .... D.O.A. FULL of meat, prepared meals that I'd made and other misc. food items. All of them, trash. I was devastated. I'd just bought food the day before and stuck it in there. Never noticed that the thing wasn't cold at all. Fan was running, I figured it was fine. Nope. Done.

That's two. The third? My sister has been suffering from OA/RA and some form of inflammatory disease for quite a while now. She went to her new doctor this week and he ordered a lot of tests. She just called. Now they think on top of the rest of it, she's bleeding internally.

The other stuff? It's minor when it's compared to her life. I just want her better. Makes me remember what's really important in life, as if I should need reminding after 3/1/02. Apparently, I did. So my thoughts are with her and the minor pain (compared to what she's been experiencing since last year), inconvenience and lost groceries are just another speed bump on the road of life as compared to what could be another round of surgery for her.

Oh and on a brighter note? Driving home the other day I had the rare opportunity of watching my windshield wiper fly across the bridge. Guess it wasn't on tightly enough. Oh well.

And even brigher???? NINE DAYS till I leave for JAZZ FEST!!!! WOO HOO!!! There is something to look forward to.


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