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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bon Jovi Playing the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Yeah, I know, it's all over the web. I don't care! I couldn't afford, nor was I going to support Matt's stupid expensive pricing for the FC show in New Jersey. I'm unemployed, it'd be crazy for me to spend money I don't have and besides it's FEBRUARY in New Jersey. No. Thank. You. Never mind the rumors that Jon's wingman might show up, which would make it more enticing to yours truly. Still. Not going and have been depressed at the fact so many of my friends ARE going and I'm not that the news that Bon Jovi, not just Jon, are playing the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival made my heart skip a beat.

WOO HOO!!!! Their website has all the details. A one day ticket (and Jovi are schedule for May 2nd - it's a Saturday) is ONLY $40 and there are a ton of bands playing all over the festival grounds that day as well. I'm STOKED. Yeah, well, I'm still unemployed. Still worried about finding one of those elusive jobs in this economy, but I'm going anyway.

I have a traveling buddy that owes me for Lightning/Pens tix and now she'll buy the Jazz Fest tix and we'll drive up there. Hey, ten hours to New Orleans as opposed to the overnight, non-stop, crazy long drive to Bristol for the NASCAR race last year is a cinch. Okay, I am certifiable, but that's just me and anyone that knows me already knows that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I thought I lived in FLORIDA?????

I know y'all think that having weather this time of year in the 30's is the definition of balmy. For me and those of us that are used to the sunny south and especially the weather that goes with living in Florida, it's FREAKING COLD tonight!!!!

The greenhouse is sealed up. The neighborhood is covered in blanket, sheets and every other variety of cloth covering on tender plants that exists. I've used masking tape on my doors to seal the gaps that I usually ignore and sealed off my mailslot. Despite all that, just because I know how cold it is outside.....and the thermostat is set where it always is, mentally I'm cold in the house!!!

All I can say about this is that....I think I'm moving south. It's too COLD here! Stay tuned for my weather whine come mid-summer when it's nearing 100 with 98 % humidity. LOL

Oh and Amber's updated.

Have a great evening and stay warm.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Soul Foundation Dinner Cancelled

Following is the letter that the attendees that had paid $1000 each to have dinner with Jon Bon Jovi and the Philly Soul players received today. This event is the latest in a list of events that have been cancelled in and around the Philadelphia Soul's Arena Football Championship and the new AFL season that was also cancelled. All that remains of the week of events, parties and concerts is the MasterCard show that the Fan Club piggybacked onto and was at first billed as a Bon Jovi show that turned into a JBJ & Friends show. This Muse is wondering how all of this will translate into record sales and concert tickets when the next CD and tour comes around. I will reserve judgment until that time comes around. Meanwhile, those of you that are going to the show, read the piece to the right.

Dear Hard Rock Event Attendee:
Due to a number of circumstances beyond our control the event planned for February 26th is being cancelled.
After e-mailing you all concerning the plans for the event - it was brought to our attention that the format we proposed would not satisfy promises made to you. So as not to further disappoint our many fans, it is necessary to cancel the event and refund all those who paid to attend.
Every single customer will be refunded in full for the tickets they purchased. This process has begun and we will have the checks mailed out to you within a week. As with the recently issued season ticket refunds, all refunds regardless of method of payment will be refunded by check.
There have been a number of people who have transferred their tickets to other people. If you have transferred your tickets to another individual please notify us as to the proper person to be refunded along with a current address.
If you are not a Soul season ticket holder, please respond to this email with your full mailing address and contact information so that we can send your refund out to you.
We apologize about the cancellation and any inconvenience it may bring you. Thank you for your continued support and patience.
Philadelphia Soul


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If you have a story that's not listed, she'd be happy to add it!

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