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Picture of the Week

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hard Work and Luck

As has been said before by someone smarter than me, "Luck is the fruit of hard work".  I must say that if that's the case then I'm the luckiest woman around.  As you may know I'm an Avon rep, not that you wouldn't guess by my shameless plugs for Jon's perfume.  I've been one for six years and work very hard at it even though it's not my 'day job'.  I never thought I'd make anything selling Avon, but I have and although it's not nearly enough to support me, it helps pay the bills.

So back in 2011 there were four campaigns that were the basis for the same four campaigns in 2012.  The incentive from Avon was to increase your sales and those that worked hard enough and were lucky enough would win an all expense paid trip to Vegas and a concert with that gorgeous man in the picture.  Yes, Jon Bon Jovi.  So I worked hard.  VERY hard.  I sold Avon to everyone I knew and many I didn't.  I took Jon's perfume and featured it as the centerpiece of my fundraising this past Christmas.  Every sale of the perfume sent $5 to Biff's Toys for Pinellas Kids.  Every sale also added to my sales total and added up towards winning the incentive and earning that trip to Vegas.

Every single sale, every single penny I earned during those four faithful campaigns.  Everything helped.....and

I WON!!! 


So if you want something bad enough, if you work hard enough, there's a possibility that you can earn all those things that you'd be lucky enough to get.

Oh and my muse is rearing her beautiful head again and I honestly think I'll finally be able to finish Amber's story.


The generous Goddess Hathor has compiled a Directory of FF for all of us devoted to the genre.

If you have a story that's not listed, she'd be happy to add it!

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