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Picture of the Week

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A whole month? Really?

Wow, I didn't even realize I'd neglected my blog this long. Ah well, life's been in the way. That and baseball. LOVE baseball. You might have noticed.
During the summer the Rays have a Summer Concert Series. So far I've been to two of the concerts. The first one of the summer, these are all on Saturday nights, was Three Doors Down and it was awesome. For the price of a baseball game, I got to see the Rays win and then enjoy one of my favorite bands play. Mind you it wasn't a long show, maybe an hour, but so worth it.
Second show I saw was a fluke. A friend and I got a mini-package of tickets and we chose this particular Saturday game because of who the Rays were playing. We didn't pay attention to who was playing AFTER the game. Sheesh. Ludicris. In the first place, I can't even spell his name right. In the second place, his music is usually rather raunchy and he cleaned it up for the 'family audience' that was there. And finally, they turned up the bass so loud that you couldn't hear him sing/rap/whatever it is he does and it made your chest pound instead of enjoying the music. We left after five minutes of that crap. It was not enjoyable.
This Saturday coming is Pat Benatar. I've seen her in concert a number of times and enjoy her shows. This time I'm sitting up in 'the party zone' with a bunch of people from the Pinellas County Schools. Never sat there before and I'm looking forward to finding out what that vantage point is like.
Tropicana Field, I've discovered over the years really has few bad seats. I've never sat in any of them. Even the nosebleeds (where our mini-package is) have good views and with the big screen directly across from us it's easy to watch everything. That and binoculars.
In just a week one of my very closest Jovi friends is moving to Florida from Scotland. Two years ago, in October 2006 I introduced her to a guy that she took a liking to. It was another year before they even really got to know one another and went out on their first date. From there it was emailing and TMing and IMing. She came back in March of this year and they've really cemented their relationship. So she's quit her job and is going to come over and give it a try. I wish her and him the best of luck. AND best part for me is I get to have her around.... when she's not with her boyfriend. I can't wait to see her!!!
Oh and Amber WILL be back after a short hiatus. I need to get some chapters written and ready for posting before she and Jon come back. It won't be too long.


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