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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays and Bon Jovi

Last night I finally made it to my first Rays game of the season. Bout time!!! I was truly hoping they'd win for me. Watched and listened as they introduced the starting lineup for the Oakland A's. I was chatting with my friend about how once, long ago when Catfish Hunter was an A, that I was a fan of theirs (and as always my Detroit Tigers). She just laughed at me and told me that was a looooooong time ago. I snorted at that, it was a long time ago. The 60's. Yes, I was into baseball when I was a kid. Loved the game, still do. Anyway, they started with this cool video before introducing the Rays. Next thing I know the music kicks up a notch and I'm sitting there grinning, singing and dancing in my seat to We Got It Going On. How cool was that? MY Rays using my favorite band's music in their intro.

Game started, the A's scored and we were getting very discouraged. So we left to get food. We'd eaten before we got to the ballfield, but I was hungry. Turns out that a) I wasn't nearly as hungry as I thought and b) their nachos sucked. On the way back Carlos Pena hit a two run homer, bringing us to within two of the lead. Okay, we were just two runs down, sue me for being optomistic.

We sat back down in our nosebleed seats, but hey, we were at the game and she's as crazy about baseball as I am (and NASCAR). The Rays started to do better and the game was getting more interesting. I don't recall the reason behind it but then during another play break (might have been a call to the bullpen) I started grinning again. It's My Life came on. By now I'm enjoying the heck out of the music even though we were still losing.

Eight inning. Rays came up to bat. But before that, while the A's were taking the field and the Rays were getting ready to bat a video came on. It was of Raymond. Our mascot and I had to laugh. HARD. It's an entire video of Raymond singing....with crowd scenes mixed in. Raymond, the big blue dustmop of a mascot in leather jacket..... singing..... Livin' on a Prayer. OMFG, I roared.... and sang.... at the top of my lungs. OMFG it was FUNNY!!! I videoed it with my phone. Don't know if it came out though, if it did, I'll post it in a bit.

Outcome of the game? Even with our serious rally in the 8th, we lost by one point. 7-6. We play them again this afternoon.


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