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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I remember.....

Charles ‘Corky’ William Elyard, III – Jan. 16, 1955 – March 1, 2002

He was a good man. It’s been seven years and I still love him, still miss him, wish he was here to share my life and wonder why he had to be taken so young. We had plans for the future, near and distant. None of those will ever be fulfilled. We were going to grow old together, we laughed about us being that couple the Beatles sang about... ‘will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64’. That was not in the cards.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on him and told my girlfriend that I thought I’d end up married to him, that was over the July 4th holiday. I didn’t meet him that day. No, that was on July 16th. My friend and I had sworn off men, were getting drunk and disparaging every single one of them, except her boyfriend that was living in California. Then she called Corky over to her place to eat the cookies we baked, played strip poker and I lost every hand, but wouldn’t take off my clothes. We ended up in his apartment playing backgammon and from there we became inseparable.

I remember the first time he called Bon Jovi ‘blow job’ and swore that they couldn’t sing or play their instruments and how hard I defended them. I remember him refusing to take me to see them play softball against the local dj’s. And I remember when I finally did see them in ’93, him getting up after I got home in tears because someone had gotten mustard on my brand new t-shirt. He stayed up with me and helped get the stain out.

I remember when he was stabbed and didn’t want me to go to the hospital because it was ‘no big deal’ and I remember even clearer the call from his boss when he got hurt at work and wanted me there. Seeing him with his arm laid wide open and him apologizing for me having to take off work. I also recall the Hepatitis C that he got from that wound and how hard the battle was fought to win against it. And he did. Five years of pills and treatments and he beat it.

We did everything together. If I wanted to do something and he didn’t, we’d compromise. Sometimes we’d do it and others not. Same with what he wanted. We came as a team. For 25 years my name and his were joined at the hip CorkyandDiane. It’s how we were identified. When he died and I went to a friend’s tattoo parlor to tell him because I knew he wouldn’t know, the manager called him and told him Diane was there. He didn’t know me until I told the guy say ‘CorkyandDiane’ and he knew.

I’ll never forget the flowers showing up at work just to say he loved me and I’d be hard pressed to forget my 40th birthday. Who was that guy? He took the secret to his grave as he said he would. The romantic Christmas gifts, three boxes of tissues, a bag of micro popcorn and the final one, the movie Ghost. Or the alabaster box that was handpainted on top with the heart shaped watch pendant necklace inside. He could be as romantic as they come.

Or the fights. I remember them vividly. How loud and hurtful the words could be on both sides. A pair of tempers that couldn’t back down or hold back their anger. Oh yes, I remember those and I remember making up. The sweetest part of an argument is the making up. Yeah, sometimes it’d be worth it just for that. There were other fights, other arguments that weren’t worth it.

But in the end, his short terrible battle with pancreatic cancer was lost and he said to me, “we had 25 good years, that was enough.” Two days later he was gone and I still remember and I still miss him.

Rest in Peace, My Love, Rest In Peace

Thursday, February 26, 2009

JBJ & Friends - MC/Hyatt Show at the Starland

The night after the Fan Club show at the Starland Ballroom, Jon and Friends did a private show for the winners of the Roots of Rock contest that MasterCard held, that were joined by guests from the Hyatt. It is my understanding that the Hyatt guests were people that had Hyatt Gold (Platinum?) Rewards cards that were offered the opportunity. From what I've read they pretty much did the same show and Jon wore close to the same outfit as the night before - trading out the long sleeved Henley for a short sleeved baggy t-shirt.

And if I'd continued reading, I would have seen the setlist for the show Tuesday night. Yovana on BS posted this picture of the setlist.

Head Over Heels - video by BonJoviLove

Don't Leave Me Tonight - video by BonJoviLove

Just Older - video by Dance914

All I Want is Everything - video by BonJoviLove

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Video from the JBJ and Friends show

THIS song, OMG, I heard it clearly on the phone and it sounded fantastic on the phone, but here.....*shiver* this is even better. Thanks to Deb308 for posting this incredible video on youtube. I'm still making my way through all of the awesome videos posted from last night. I may still not be thrilled with the way the fan club has been run, but I really wish I'd been there last night. Ah well, financially I couldn't have managed it.

Again, Deb308 THANK YOU for giving me the chance to see what I missed last night....

And Billy Get Your Guns....

Monday, February 23, 2009

JBJ & Friends Fan Club Show

Okay, I've spoken with Stas, who was at the show and called me so I could listen to it. The listing from Runaway to the end were the songs that the girls on BS and I (the ones that got calls) could decipher and heard. Most of us had sketchy reception and one person (Lisa) was getting TMs. So here's the setlist and I am forever grateful that Stas gave me a call and I got to hear the majority of it. Thank you my friend and with luck you won't be working on May 2nd and I can return the favor from JazzFest!
Show started at 6:45 pm
- real first song - Rock n Roll Star by the Byrds
- real second song - This Time it's for Real by SSJ
1) Runaway - when introducing this song he said 'welcome to my hometown'
2) I Get a Rush
3) Garageland
4) Lost Highway
5) Don't Leave Me Tonight...'a power station bootleg'...Jon laughed
6) Head Over Heels... 'another old, old, old one'
7) Midnight in Chelsea...'I'm getting too hot up there. In 1996-97 I was in London'
8) Janie Don't Take Your Love To Town...said something about 'being on tour in 96, sitting in a hotel room'
9) Every Word is a Piece of my Heart
10) Without Your Love...Southside Jonny was reported to be there but was NOT
11) Whole Lot of Lonely...crystal clear thought it was acapello, but wasn't
12) Bang A Drum
13) Never Say Die
14) Billy Get Your Guns
15) Someday I'll be Saturday Night...someone yelled Happy Birthday and they started singing part of the song....Jon said 'I used to be young and good looking and now I'm just' and everyone said ....STILL good looking
16) Wanted
Then Jon said what was coming... "20 songs into album....roooooock. will be an album by end of yr...might not be new album...riff rock record" That's what he replied to the current ALBUM they are recording. Doesn't know if the greatest hits is coming out first or the new album, plus MSG, Central Park and this CD!!!
17) I Love This Town
18-- Just Older (this hits the 2 hour mark)
19) Living On A Prayer
20) Who Says You Can't Go Home!!!!!!! ...perfect ending to a show in JON'S hometown!!!
White shirt, Henley style and she believes he had on Jeans. Looked F*ckin HOT!!!! Sheri Black Velvet was there and Jon was teasing with her. The gift bags had a 2009 Calendar in them, along with a Lost Highway tour book and a scarf that was specially made with the date of this show on it.

A week?

It's been that long since I've posted here? WOW. Today I'm officially in jealous mode. Why you might ask? Most of you know why. It's because a good number of my friends are currently in Jersey and at the Starland Ballroom parking lot waiting to get in to a 7 pm Fan Club (and friends) only show. And where am I? Florida. Why? Broke, unemployed and a number of other relevant reasons that have to do with the FC management by Jon's baby brother Matt and how I personally feel about said management, or more accurately, mis-management. Doesn't stop me from being jealous of my friends that are currently going crazy as they drive to the venue and get a very very special show by our favorite front man.

Sigh....... I just hope someone gives me a call so I can hear part of the show.

Otherwise, my allergies and I have been arguing fiercely. Not that anyone cares. I have company coming and of all the times to choose to go through the boxes in my guest room closet, it's now and there is significant mold/mildew in the boxes of OLD stuff. I'm allergic and now my allergies are reminding me of that.

Still job hunting, interviewed for a job that I absolutely could NOT do and told them so after I heard the description. For what they're paying I don't know that anyone could do it. So still looking and still hoping I'll find something. Soon. Boredom sucks.


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