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Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Look

I got up this morning determined to finish the paperwork for my income tax, so that I could get it off to the accountant and eventually get it done..... before April 15th. Turns out that Tara's blog started me on an entirely different tract.
See she had this link that talked about women writing the male POV in fiction. Something that most of us find difficult to do. An article that was most enlightening in many ways. Link is here. Well worth the read if you're a writer of any genre, or as Tara said, 'if you're female'. Thanks, Tara. Always enjoy learning new things to improve my craft.
From there it was answering and exchanging emails with the Angel and discussing her upcoming move from the UK to the US, oops, she hasn't actually announced what's going on with her world yet, has she?
From there it was deciding it was time to revamp my site. Something I've been terrified to do on my own. I'm a beginner at this stuff, so it took quite some time. And now it's 2:15 pm and I haven't TOUCHED my IRS stuff and now I'm hungry and thinking about lunch or dinner or hmmm, are those dust bunnies under my desk.
Here I go off to procrastinate some more.....
By the way, procrastination is a word I learned at an early age. It was written in the comments section of my Fifth Grade report card "D does excellent work, however, she has a tendency to procrastinate". You'd think I would have learned by now NOT to do that. Sadly, I haven't.

Monday, March 16, 2009

WOW! It’s been a while since I’ve updated here I guess. Hmm, I’ve been a little busy, I guess. I had company from Scotland.....what little I saw of her (MUAH, Angel). Still we got to go do SHEEEEEIKKRRRRAAAAAA...... 200 feet up and 90 degrees straight down. Had some of the worst sushi ever at a place that was highly recommended. Sorry, Trace. And then we went to the beach for the day and I must ramble here a bit about that.

Beaches in Florida are usually occupied by two kinds of people. Gorgeously tanned, toned and beautiful young men and women that make you feel like a beached whale when you’re only slightly (or a little more than slightly) ‘fluffy’. And then there are the snow white tourists that turn a bright pink within a day of having arrived in our sunny state because they’re used to being in the sun ‘up north’ and never use sunscreen. We’re closer to the equator down here people. The sun is closer and therefore more dangerous than up there. Sheesh. So being the typical Floridian (hush) that I am, I went to the beach wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It was only in the high 70’s, so far too cool for me to wear a bathing suit (even though I own two I hate both of them and rarely wear them anyway). The Angel was in her pinkini.....tiny scraps of material if I ever saw them and is one of the aforementioned toned and beautiful people.

We get to the beach, which, by the way is at Fort DeSoto Park and I’m stunned. There are maybe a handful of beautiful people and a beach FULL of tourists. Not the families that I expected for early spring break, nor the middle aged couples that do likewise. No. The beach is packed with RETIREES!!!! Snowbirds, if you will. HUNDREDS of them (okay, dozens). Imagine Don Rickles or Ed McMahon in a bathing suit. For that matter imagine your own grandmother or great grandmother in one. Yards and yards of arm wings, fat bellies and brightly colored bathing suits that were blinding. I could have worn a suit and looked like one of the normal people because I’d never have stood out in that crowd.

It was a fun day and I even managed to get my toes in the water, but it was far too cold to get further in than that. The Angel, however, went swimming. She thought it was warm. Me? I instantly understood why those two NFL players succumbed to hypothermia so quickly along with the USF football player. How the one guy survived is beyond me. I would have died in the first couple hours. It was DAMN COLD!!!!!

Now it’s back to real life. Brake job this afternoon and then I need to get the HVAC people here to do my system checkup. Turned the air back on last night after nearly a month of having the system off and windows open. Summer is fast approaching in the south.


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