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Picture of the Week

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boredom and that doppelganger strikes again

Can I just say once again that unemployment sucks? Okay, that out of the way, just a couple things on my mind.

First, Amber’s been updated and I added Angel’s birthday biscuit to Muse’s Minis. Go enjoy and I’ll be back here waiting. Oh and comment on either or both if you would, please? I’m getting a bit of a complex since nobody’s commented at all. *sniff, sniff*

Second, it’s amazing what a person will end up doing when they have excess time on their hands. Well, other than staying up half the night (or more) and sleeping in almost until lunch. Hmmm, maybe I should apply for that switchboard operator job that’s from 11 pm to 7 am..... Anyway, other than blasting my music as loud as I want because nobody’s home in the neighborhood..... other than the guy that had the balls to drive into my neighbor’s driveway and steal her Wii while I was right here at the computer. Hey, I’d seen the truck in her driveway before. How was I to know what he was doing there? The point that I’m getting to is that boredom causes me to do strange things. Well, stranger than normal.

Remember the doppelganger incident? That’s a case in point. Then there was Monday. My office was looking cluttered. It normally does, but it was bugging me. So the three boxes of papers were sorted and put away. The stacks of books that have been sitting haphazardly on the shelves bugged me too. They got separated by Fiction / Non-Fiction / Reference / photo albums and then the non-fiction were organized by subject. The fiction? Alphabetized and then arranged by series and in chronological order. Yes, the OCD anal nutcase came out. That wasn’t enough, oh no, after that came opening a drawer that was in fairly sensible order and rearranging that. Fortunately for my office, my yard guy showed up.

Yard guy? I’m unemployed. I should do it myself, right? Wrong. That requires yard tools that I sold some time ago. Anyway, he’s doing it for me for free until I’m back on my feet again and it’s not like I hav
e a big yard. Soooooo, why did that save my office? You’re going to laugh; I know I would have if I didn’t hurt afterwards. I borrowed his leaf blower. My front yard has a landscaped area that’s covered in creeping jasmine – non-blooming – and it was full of leaves. Florida, remember? This is the time of year the leaves all fall and the oak trees are full of pollen and my allergies go insane. I blew all the leaves (those that weren’t matted down already) onto the driveway. Just the ones from the landscaped area and around the bushes. That filled my mini-dumpster (that I crawled into and did that Lucy grape stomping thing to pack them down) and two additional bags. I haven’t even thought about the ones he was blowing off my back patio area. Any sane person would have quit there, but noooooo not yours truly. Nope, I had to start in on the kitchen and begin organizing there too. Not to mention cooking a healthy meal before my two mile walk.

Yesterday’s boredom was assuaged in the form of washing, waxing and detailing my car. This morning it was covered in said oak tree pollen and looked exactly as it had before I washed it the previous day. So much for ambition.

Today wasn’t so boring. I was busy. Wandered up to Clearwater to visit a couple people, including my dad, but before that, Ms. Angel sent me a video clip and said that JBJ would LOVE me ...... guess she meant my affinity for the F word..... enjoy.... I did.


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